Happy Father’s Day

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Today was Fathers Day……it’s a great chance to celebrate the role of being a dad and reflect on the blessing of having a child.

Whilst I usually take these days with a pinch of salt (I don’t have any memory of ever celebrating with father before he died), there was something very nice about being with Theo. He is such a lovely child and we have a great bond, so it was awesome to spend time hugging him, singing and laughing. I hope we have a long tradition of spending these days together.

Today was also video day on YouTube and had fun giving a top 5 things to do before baby arrives…..as well as some great memories, it made me realise how much I so want to go on holiday and explore with Theo next to me! Did manage to learn about DSLR cameras which is cool and spent ages with tripods, microphones, selfie sticks and everything inbetween!

Exercise went will with approx 5 miles walking completed. Listened to a number if Tony Robbins podcasts and interested to go deeper as I didn’t pick-up on as much as I hoped. Other than that, solid day and hope for more of the same tomorrow on my non-working day. 😀

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