Parent lifestyle: Top 5 places to take your baby when it’s raining

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Leanne (Bear) shares her top 5 tips on where to take baby when it’s raining. These tips are designed for parents and carers to be affordable, accessible and fun. In deciding these options we wanted to have a very sensible list that ticked a lot of boxes for comfort and convenience and we considered factors including:

  • Ease of access
  • Ease of parking
  • Covered access to stay out of the rain
  • Something for mum or dad to go and do whilst the other person stays with baby
  • Typical proximity to home or places we’d realistically visit, either at home or abroad
  • Space for baby bags and buggy / stroller when inside
  • Quality of changing facilities
  • Availability of staff
  • Quality of specific entertainment for baby
  • Ease of finding baby-friendly distractions (i.e. simply being a fun place)
  • Ability to feel comfortable feeding in public
  • Typical cost of a coffee and pastry
  • If we did this activity abroad, would it work for us?

The top 5 we landed on had the best average scores for the above criteria and have become our go-to places for short family outings. Having this list has been super important for allowing us to build our confidence of leaving home with Theo and tying to integrate back into ‘normal’ life. Opting for some non-baby specific activities has also enabled us to feel more capable of shaping and having our own parenting lifestyle and enjoy the activities we used to do as a twosome (albeit with Theo in tow).

When shaping your own top 5, the criteria above hopefully helps….we tend to quickly decide on what our criteria is, apply some rough numbers and then total it up. It’s a useful start point from which you can build and adapt as you change and baby ages.

We hope you enjoy the locations and reasons behind them…please let us know what your favourite place to go with baby when it’s raining is.

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