Changing nappies: What do I need and how can I make it quick and simple?

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For me, nappy changing was one of those things that I didn’t give much thought to before Theo was born. However, once he was here it became clear to me that having the right products and being organised would be a massive help, especially during those middle of the night nappy changes when you’re half asleep.

I’ve summarised what we use and how we have everything organised in our YouTube video below.

Tips on what you need for nappy changing.

Below, I’ve also set out what we use and how we organise things, including links so you can see the exact products we like.

What do I need to change a nappy?

Nappies– we use Pampers Premium (click here to see). They’re soft, fit really well and have handy guidelines on the front so you know where to place the sticky tabs- a lifesaver when you have a tiny baby and haven’t changed a nappy before (or for a while). The Pampers Premium nappies also keep Theo dry all night. He sleeps for approximately 10 hours each night and we very rarely have leaks.

Wet wipes– we use Huggies Pure Wipes (to see them, click here). I like them because they’re strong but very soft. They’re also moist but not too wet, while being kind to skin (99% water). We originally used Water Wipes as they were recommended by a midwife but we found them to be very cold and extremely wet, which we weren’t happy with. This experience highlighted to me that it’s important to try different products until you find what works best for you and your baby.

Cotton wool padsBabykind 100% Pure Cotton Giant Pads (available here). We use these to dry Theo’s skin after we’ve cleaned him with the wet wipes. I much prefer them to cotton wool balls as I found the balls left bits of cotton wool on Theo’s skin. These pads are also a great size, they’re large enough to catch any leaks if Theo urinates while I’m changing him- which seems to be a frequent occurrence!

Barrier cream– My preferred cream is Sudocrem (click here to see). I find it goes on easily and creates a really good barrier without being to oily or greasy. I also like that it comes in a tub so can be used one-handed (very handy if you have a wriggly baby and so need to keep a hand on your baby rather than squeezing cream out of a tube). We also have Bepanthen cream (See here). I find this cream to be really greasy and so gets all over my hands and then on anything else I touch while changing Theo. However, I have it because friends have said that they find it most effective at treating nappy rash.

Nappy bags– we use Fragranced nappy bags by Tidy Z (available here). They smell nice and are big enough for a nappy, several wet wipes and cotton wool pads. I also use them to store Theo’s dirty clothes if I need to change his clothes while we’re out. They also have tie handles so its really easy to keep everything contained if there isn’t a bin near by and you need to take the bag with you.

Hand gel– I really like the Milton hand gel (see here) as it’s effective but doesn’t have a strong chemical smell. I like to have the hand gel handy because it’s not easy to wash your hands mid nappy change and so the gel lets me clean my hands quickly before getting Theo dressed once his clean nappy is on.

Surface cleaning wipes– We use both the Milton wipes (click here) and Dettol wipes (click here). The Milton wipes are really versatile! I use them to wipe down any surface before putting Theo down on it (such as a changing table while we’re out) and they can also be used to wipe his toys and other things that he puts in his mouth (the packet says they can be used on dummies and teats- I haven’t tried this though!). Like the hand gel, the Milton wipes do not have a strong chemical smell. The Dettol wipes are great for cleaning surfaces after Theo has been on them (like a changing table) or if the floor gets messy.

Moisturising cream– We love the Aveeno baby cream (see here). It absorbs really nicely and leaves Theo’s skin feeling lovely and soft. It also smells great! We started using this cream when Theo was about 6 weeks old just to keep his skin well hydrated and soft.

How do I make nappy change quick and simple?


I found that the best way to make nappy changing quick and simple was to be organised. We have small baskets (the baskets are available here) around the house that contain all of the items listed above. This means that everything is on hand and easily accessible when I it. I can also grab what I need with one hand and so am not fumbling around trying to get a nappy out of the packet for example.

Having everything organised in this way also means that if I ever need to leave the house in a rush and I’m not sure if I have enough of everything in my baby bag, I can just pick up a basket and know that I have everything I need.


In summary, the list of items you need for nappy changing are:


wet wipes

cotton wool pads

barrier cream

nappy bags

hand gel

surface cleaning wipes

moisturising cream

Nappy changing can be made quick and simple by being organised and having everything you need in one place. I would suggest having a basket with everything you need in several places around the house where you’re likely to change your baby.


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