About us

Hello, we’re Jamain and Leanne, A.K.A Monkey and Bear. We have been together for over 15 years and got married in 2012. Having spent some time establishing careers in London, we decided to start a family and became parents to baby Theo on 30th January 2019. Parenting is the most wonderful job in the world, but we believe it’s also the biggest (and hardest) role we’ve ever had. We decided to create this page after we were reflecting on our whole pregnancy experience and had a few particular challenges:

  • We flagged with a high measure on the ‘NT scan’ and found it incredibly difficult to find good quality information online about what a high NT rating really means and how to consider the options we had.
  • We had a load of appointments with specialist consultants and found it impossible to feel informed and confident about the knowledge we had going into the hospitals. This was also a huge mental drain on us and used every ounce of resolve we had not to struggle under the tension and worry.
  • We started looking for general information about preparing for a baby and, again, concluded that it was too difficult to find clear and simple ideas to help navigate the parenting journey; there is a lot of ambiguity and conflicting information out there. For example, what do you put in the hospital bag? What are the key things to bulk buy in preparation for baby? How can parents prepare physically and mentally? How can you get time as a couple after baby arrives?
  • Post-birth the challenge can be even harder to manage as a lot of care drops away and the questions increase. This can be a really difficult time for parents who are fighting sleep deprivation, uncertainty about how to care for baby and recovering from an immense physical effort. The whole process of getting out the house and reengaging with society is incredibly difficult in itself!

Put all the above together and it’s clear that the 9+ months from conception to immediately post-birth is insanely challenging. With this general view in mind, we knew we wanted to change the dynamics and try to help the current generation of parents who want simple, accessible content and ideas to support them on their journeys. In order to take on our cause, we need to first improve ourselves. This means learning from books, getting physically fit, and committing time to gain and share as much parenting knowledge as we can. We decided to call this training – “MonkeyandBearFit”. This combines the nicknames we have for each other and the concept of getting fit.

We’ve learnt a lot so far and have we’ve created this webpage (and other social media) to share our journey, experiences and tips. Ultimately we hope that our stories, tips and reflections will help you on your own journey. If any of the content is interesting, please like it, share it and get in-touch and let us know.

All in all, we hope that you read, enjoy and have a great parenting journey!